Coaching and Accountability


One of the best reasons for having a coach is so you have someone to whom you can be open and accountable to.
Your coach will hold you to account about the things you agree, the accountability contract is yours, not your bosses, not a company or some external person, not even your coach’s but yours.
When you say you will do something your coach will follow up and ask you did you do it?, how was it? Or why didnt you do it? Whats going on that stopped you?

A coach will:
talk openly and regularly about performance and push you to improve
explore with you and identify reasons for poor performance and reasons for excellence. lets learn from both!
encourage you to evaluate how things are going on a regular basis.
help you to be clear about Goals, targets and expectations.
discuss with you important issues that you are facing

you need to form a good relationship with your coach, so you can trust them to do the right thing, and to be honest with you and you with them.
The coaching relationship will fail if you do not have faith in them to be open and honest with you.

A Different Perspective:
A good coach will enable you to come up with a fresh approach to a problem or issue you face.
Sometime people allow emotion to blur our vision and sway our decision, but a coach does not have that emotional attachment and will give you an objective point of view.
Also, I coach often times has Hindsight, ‘A mentors Hindsight can be our Foresight’.

Sometimes you May find it difficult to find someone you can share your deepest thoughts with. Whether it’s new idea, a fear or concern or issue you’re struggling with, a coach will provide a safe place for you to talk about things and give you honest, impartial feedback.This is your time. Your coach will focus on you and your development your coach will take your aspirations as seriously as you do.

in essence the relationship between coach and you is a trust relationship, without trust there is nothing and you are just having a coffee together! so work at it build trust and get working on yourself.

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