Mental health and substance abuse

American Addiction Centers reached out to me with some resources around mental health and addiction we have a number of links to mental health resources and these links are here for educational purposes so you can get a better understanding of mental health. remember to always reach out to professionals when dealing with mental health and addiction.

According to the AMA, approximately 50% of individuals with a ‘serious’ mental illness have problems with substance abuse. A significantly greater percentage of individuals with substance dependency have reported a ‘co-occurring disorder’ of some severity – most commonly depression and anxiety. As many treatment professionals know, treatment must address this strong relationship of ailments in order to be effective.

Information for non-professionals, however, is severely lacking on the web. Many websites leave out critical or new research, fail to make information comprehensible and even refer to co-occurring disorders as ‘Dual Diagnosis’ – terminology from an outdated version of the DSM.

recommend a new resource that is a comprehensive aggregation of current research in an easy-to-follow format.

co-occurring disorders or ‘Dual Diagnosis’ 

Treating depression with co-occuring substance abuse

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