me am what me am

Me am what me am!

Give everyone in the group one paper clip, before the meeting begins. Preferably, before structured activities begin, instruct them that for the duration of the meeting, if they use the word “I” their clip will be taken from them. If they hear someone say the word “I” they may take the paperclip and attach it to their own.

Throughout the evening, kids (and adults) will catch others using the word “I” and may add more clips to their own. Even if they have a nice chain of clips, they could lose them all, if they are caught using the word “I”. A special prize can be given to the person who has the longest chain by the end of the meeting.

This is not only a great icebreaker, but a way to communicate to the group how we often use the word “I” in our conversations. We often put ourselves ahead of others.

sent in by, Ed

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