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Trust Games and exercises

Trust games are important tools for youth workers they actually do help to built trust within the group and between you and the group so use them wisely. personally i like to use them at least the beginning of a new term and at the end before a break, in this way you can slowly impress upon your young people the importance of trust. the games alone are not enough you must also live the lessons you teach. Give your young people responsibilities enable them to experience trust. be honest and truthful and expect that of everyone. occasionally this wont work and mistake will be made but thats not an end, it’s just an opportunity to learn, mend and move on.  so here are a few activities if you have a favorite please send it in so i can share it with others.

blindfold trust

you will need: Trust! some coloured card, a cloth or blindfold.

Split your group into teams of four and give each team a base. Each team nominates a person to be blindfolded. On the floor in the room, there are pieces of card in various colours.
Red is worth 10 points, yellow is worth 20 points and blue is worth 50 points.

The rest of the group must remain in the base while they guide their blindfolded person to the pieces of card, most groups would choose to guide their person to the blue card first.
After the blindfolded person has picked up one piece of card he must return to his group’s base, drop off the card and go out and collect more.
The games relies heavily on the blindfolded person trusting his group to guide him safely!

After you payed it once or twice you could place physical obstacles or obstacle cards, making it more difficult to navigate, which would up the trust factor. use the game and the feelings it brings up as an informal starting point for a discussion.

From emily.

Reds and Blues

The object of the game is to get the highest score possible and not to beat the opposing team. This must be stressed beforehand to each team. part of the game includes negotiation, and each team must trust the other team to play fair!

You split the group into two teams put into separate rooms where they cannot talk together.
They have to pick either red or blue.
If both pick blue each team gets 3 points.
If one picks red and the other blue then the red team gets 6 points and the blue get 0.
If both pick red then both teams loses 3 points.
Once each team has chosen then they are told what the other team has chosen.

Three rounds are played like this then 1 person from each team is picked as a negotiator to agree with the other team for the next three rounds. The teams do not have to stick to this agreement.
After a further 3 rounds then the negotiators meet again to agree for the next three.
And once more before the final round.
The final round is worth 10 times the score and the one before that 5 times the score.
this game was used on a training course and it was to demonstrate WIN/WIN situations but the main issue that came out of it was one of trust. I am afraid I was on the team that changed to red on the last but one go because we did not trust the other team. Beware, because of this we spent the rest of the day trying to regain the trust of the members of the other team.

game supplied by Jeff.


If you have any other trust games please let us know so we can add to this section.

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