photo scavenger hunt

Photo Scavanger Hunts

I’m a big fan of Scavenger hunts so here is another, best played in the summer when you have a good amount of time

photo hunt
you will need teams (each team should have a responsible adult)
A smart phone and a social sharing account like instagram
maybe a map with 4 zones each team must make a find in each zone
or you have to stick to your zone
send out the teams to snap pics of stuff!

Get the teams to upload each pic to the photo sharing site, tag it with team name and the designation (number, a-z colour etc)

teams with the most creative, or fastest, or furthest traveled, or your rule here. win.

as a bonus you could get them all to download a step counter so they can see how many steps they took( good for getting more exercise )

You can make the hunt specific to your location so if you have a beach get them to write the team name on the sand (extra bonus for artistic flair) or if you have a park/woods/stream/back of a dirty lorry.. they can do it there.

some variants

A-Z photos picture of a thing representing the letter, could be a tree in the shape of a P ot a tree representing T for tree you can make the rules harder for older groups or easier for another group

Rainbow colours Snap photos of 7 or more colours in 7 or more locations. (mix rainbow with numbers below)

Numbers! get the young people to find a bunch of numbers and make it tough.

  1. number from a road sign
  2. door number
  3. number of people in the team
  4. of cafes in a street
  5. number off a car reg
  6. from a clock face

you get the idea..

Monopoly a few years ago there was a craze in the UK for having a local monopoly board. well get the names from each tile and challenge the teams to visit each place take a pic and off u go (would be a good one to do on bicycles )

i would love for you to send in your variant or comment below on how your scavenger photo hunt went, share the pics too!

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