Personal Parables

Game Summary: Kids will use objects found in the room or in their possession to tell stories about themselves.
Game Supplies: No supplies are required.
Faith Based activity

Ask kids to form groups of five or six based on whether they’re “pack rats” or “throw-it-out types.” Then tell group members to introduce themselves to each other (if needed) and tell one thing they own that they’d never throw out.

After several minutes of discussion, explain that Jesus taught profound spiritual truths by telling stories about everyday objects — by telling parables. For example, Jesus compared God’s kingdom to a mustard seed to explain how something that begins small can grow to a great size.

Tell kids you’d like them to do the same thing by choosing and using objects from the room, their purses, or their pockets to each tell their group an important thing about themselves. For example, someone might choose a driver’s licence and explain that she delivers pizzas. Someone else could use a library card to represent his desire to be a novelist. Encourage listeners to ask questions to learn as much about the speakers as they can.

After kids tell their parables, ask each person to tell the entire group about the person to his or her left by summarising that person’s parable.

Variation Idea: Modify this activity to fit the topic of your lesson. For example, if the lesson is on family relationships, have kids use objects to tell about their families. If the lesson is on music, have kids use objects to represent their favorite songs or performers.

sent in by Donna

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