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Self Image: Mask collage

Mask collage
developed by Ian and Michelle while working at YMCA WSM for sessions in a womens prison.
we were trying to explore the vast contrast between the young women we met and that which they portrayed to the guards and most other people. Like most people but probably more so when imprisoned people wear a mask and the young women we were working with, some of whom were on remand while others were serving time were no different.

17 Random Acts of Kindness

  1. Go to the post office, pay for a stamp, and ask the postmaster to give it to the next person who comes to buy a single stamp. I've done this before and asked the next day what the reaction was. Sometimes it has made someone's day. Other times the person then pays for another stamp and leaves it for the next person. ( a stamp is something you put on a card on which you have written a sms and then you write the street address of the person and put it in a post box, 3-5 days later they get the "post card" try it for yourself ;) )

Positive affirmations

Positive affirmations
Put names in a hat. Write the name of each group member (including the leader) on separate slips of paper, and place them in a hat. Ask each person to draw a name and share something he or she appreciates about that person. Instruct each group member to keep the slip of paper and pray for that person throughout the coming week.

self image: In the Bag

In the Bag

Purpose: To teach teens about their Christ-worth (as opposed to self-worth)
Materials: Old and new magazines and newspapers
Tape or glue stick
Lunch size paper bags

Instruct each of the young people to think about how others view them, and how they see themselves.
On the outside of the bag, have them cut out words and pictures that show how others see them. Let them affix them to the bag for all to see.

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