What is My Crazy Line?

Ice Breaker Activities- What is My Crazy Line?

Purpose: Communication
Group Size: 4+ (in pairs)

Level: Basic

What do you need for this Fun icebreaker activity? Sentences prepared ahead of time

How much time does it take? 20+ minutes (10 minutes of prep time)

Description of this Fun ice breaker activity:

The leader must develop some wacky sentences.
These sentences are written on pieces of paper. One of the team pairs comes and faces one another.
One of the pair is given a sentence. They must have a conversation that includes that sentence somewhere and for it to make sense. They are given a two-minute time limit. This is repeated with the other pairs.
The pair that successfully does the task more times wins.
Fun icebreaker activity discussion points:

Was it difficult to control a conversation in order to use the sentence?
Did you want to give up?
Did you have to pick a certain subject to talk about?

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