icebreaker: Take As Much!

An icebreaker that Shares titbis with the group

You will need: ┬áM & M’s, peanuts, a roll of toilet paper, Skittles or anything else with lots of coloured pieces and small cups.
To begin, the leader passes around the bowl of M & M’s or the roll of toilet paper. Each person is given the instructions to “Take as much as you think you will need but don’t eat them!” No further instructions are given until each person has received their M & M’s. Once everyone has some, the first person begins by telling one thing about himself for each M & M or piece of toilet paper they have taken.

When the first person has finished, you move on to the next person in the group. As an interesting twist, and to be sure that you find out some different information on each person, you may give each color M&M a different meaning or category. We suggest the following: (example using Skittles)

Red: personal information (name, major, school, age) Yellow: family information (parents, brothers, sisters, pets) Orange: free category- use it to say something fun about yourself or you don’t have to say anything Green: dating experience (favorite date, worst date, significant others) Purple: hobbies, other interests (sports, dancing, talents)

Obviously check for allergies before you use nuts.

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