Top 10 Productivity Tools for the busy youthworker

How productive are you?
i'm sure you do your best but imagine if you had tools to help? here is my top 10 ok 12 tools i use to be productive in youth work and and the tools i share with youthworkers i mentor.

1:Google Drive (docs). its what i'm writing this on and i love it. its simple but has plugins if you want to expand it into an academic tool or need consistency checking. but out of the box its a great tool to write with and its right there in your browser the tool you use most on your computer right?
Drive has file storage and sharing tools too its genuinely my go to tool for writing and storage.

2: Trello is a planning tool way beyond the todo list but not so complex its hard to use. i've done a intro video to trello here. like Gdocs its easy to share and collaborate, and you can even attach files from google Drive, your desktop, or anyplace else. its best feature you can share boards with your team, and young people who are working on planning an event or session. . this is a cool tool i use mostly on my tablet and phone to make notes, i can take a photo of a biz card, tag it and find it so easily. if i'm surfing i can clip a page, section or photo directly to evernote. and i can share them with my team.
an alternative is google Keep but its a long way to go before it gets close to evernote but its a good simple note taking app.

4:Zapier or ITTT my preference is zappier, if i save a doc in drive a zap occurs! it graps a copy and puts it in my dropbox account without my having to do anything. zaps are instructions to do things. you can set custom zaps or use already created ones to automate lots of tasks. check it out here.

The following make using the above so easy and are a central part of my personal tool kit. is online storage and allows sharing files its a great service i use to backup all my work. (most of my work.. sometimes.. i'm thinking of the old website i lost and should have backed up.)
6: & Onedrive are good services too and all work with Zappier in fact i zap some files to all three and google drive, i don't like loosing files.
7: Gmail easy to use and my goto email service
8: Google Calendar. i love this it syncs with my tablet and phone i can share my diary and its getting cleverer all the time.
9: Chrome web browser default in my home office
10: firefox web browser my go to when i'm portable or using my usb Linux

All of the above work on Firefox and google chrome, let me know in the comments below if they work on other browsers. also if you use other services like microsoft let me know below.

11: Hangouts, personally i think its better than skype but it does the same thing video chat, also have txt chat free online and if you are a google user it make sense to use hangouts for texting and VOIP
12: Viber a great free txt and voip app for Android and ios WhatsApp is similar, just make sure everyone in your circle uses the same app
if you are a windows user (get linux mint) or portableapps it runs off usb and allows you to carry a personal copy of chrome, or firefox and lots of other apps which you can have all your addons, and plugins instantly.

I run a copy of linux on a usb stick so if i'm visiting another PC i just boot into it.
one day the web will work properly and give you a personalised desktop with all ur apps and shortcuts instantly.