Ted and Do inspired talks

I love TED its not a secret i've loved TED ever since i first discovered it it was love at first sight! you know what TED is yeah? no? boy do you have a treat in store for you. i'm guessing you don't know about DO Lectures either? i'm genuinely excited for you. right now i'm noshing on toast listening to a young lad called Logan LaPlante on ted and typing this, all with a huge Grin as i'm stoked to introduce some of you to the wonders of TED and DO.

Logan a home school kid who makes me want to go back to school! and i'm way past school age.
he is one of hundreds of young people who have spoken at TEDx events around the world. next time you're in youtube search tedx youth and i guarantee you will be inspired

i've written before about Do & TED, and when i find the links i will repost them, better still why not let me know your fave links below in the comments.