get involved with YWR

Youth Work Resources has always been about youth workers, we try hard to involve people and get them to contribute here is how

Guest Blog -Write a blog post: we are always looking for interesting articles on youth work related issues, it may be a top 10 list, or something about detached work. just write something and send it to us its easy.
Copy blogger, a regular blog on YWR freedom to write about whatever interests you in the world of youth work

Contributor: maybe you have written a couple of blog posts, or you just want to concentrate on a single issue. maybe setting up a project, or how best to use supervision, could be any topic but you want to write longer or more often about it.

Editor: you know i need an editor, to go through posts grammar and spell check, organise sections.

Art/design: you have something to offer? section logos, article images, CSS skills, drupal theming?

Something else. want to get involved in another way? let us know

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