Adverts and the like

I wanted to say something about adverts and endorsements. some of you may have notices that youth work resources now has some adverts and also the shop page in the menu above. This is because the site is funded by myself and i think its about time it payed for itself, so adverts seemed to be the easiest way to go. i've not had any negative feedback, so if thats you please get in touch, but do so with an alternative suggestion.

i will often link to other sites or mention them in blog posts, and i do this to provide you with more resources to inform your practice or help with an issue. i'm not paid or related in anyway to the sites and take no responsibility for the content they provide, i do however try to make sure i only recommend good sites.
youth work resources will make known when an affiliate link is used, if i have omitted any its unintentional and tell me i will edit the page to make it known.
currently there only affiliate links are for amazon and google adwords but they are all obvious adverts. i have tweeted dropbox and trello links however thats not for financial gain just extra space and features.
ok sorry for the boring post but for the sake of openness i thought it was important to say something.

** update Dec 29th **
all the ads apart from amazon are gone due to the site outage, sadly they will be back in the new year

** update feb 10th **
ive started using Disqus as a comment service it will recognise you as by your facebook, google, twitter or other social account. Don't Panic its ok i wanted to make commenting easier for you.