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Top 10 Productivity Tools for the busy youthworker

How productive are you?
i'm sure you do your best but imagine if you had tools to help? here is my top 10 ok 12 tools i use to be productive in youth work and and the tools i share with youthworkers i mentor.

1:Google Drive (docs). its what i'm writing this on and i love it. its simple but has plugins if you want to expand it into an academic tool or need consistency checking. but out of the box its a great tool to write with and its right there in your browser the tool you use most on your computer right?
Drive has file storage and sharing tools too its genuinely my go to tool for writing and storage.

2: Trello is a planning tool way beyond the todo list but not so complex its hard to use. i've done a intro video to trello here. like Gdocs its easy to share and collaborate, and you can even attach files from google Drive, your desktop, or anyplace else. its best feature you can share boards with your team, and young people who are working on planning an event or session.

Lost my password again!

Updated November 2016 : I'm genuinely surrounded by people who can't remember passwords, they have so many and have been told by anyone with half a clue to make the password complicated. The trouble is that means they are hard to remember especially if you have 20 or 30 passwords. sounds a lot? well think about it, email, social media, file sharing, news reader, shopping sites, your probably at 2 by now aren't you? and that's without phone apps. My solution is LastPass its a browser plugin.

get involved with YWR

Youth Work Resources has always been about youth workers, we try hard to involve people and get them to contribute here is how

Guest Blog -Write a blog post: we are always looking for interesting articles on youth work related issues, it may be a top 10 list, or something about detached work. just write something and send it to us its easy.
Copy blogger, a regular blog on YWR freedom to write about whatever interests you in the world of youth work

Ted and Do inspired talks

I love TED its not a secret i've loved TED ever since i first discovered it it was love at first sight! you know what TED is yeah? no? boy do you have a treat in store for you. i'm guessing you don't know about DO Lectures either? i'm genuinely excited for you. right now i'm noshing on toast listening to a young lad called Logan LaPlante on ted and typing this, all with a huge Grin as i'm stoked to introduce some of you to the wonders of TED and DO.

Coaching and Accountability

Coaching and Accountability
Edited and updated 30/1/2015
One of the best reasons for having a coach is so you have someone to whom you can be open and accountable to.
Your coach will hold you to account about the things you agree, the accountability contract is yours, not your bosses, not a company or some external person, not even your coach's but yours.
When you say you will do something your coach will follow up and ask you did you do it?, how was it? Or why didnt you do it? Whats going on that stopped you?

Adverts and the like

I wanted to say something about adverts and endorsements. some of you may have notices that youth work resources now has some adverts and also the shop page in the menu above. This is because the site is funded by myself and i think its about time it payed for itself, so adverts seemed to be the easiest way to go. i've not had any negative feedback, so if thats you please get in touch, but do so with an alternative suggestion.

nearly there

Im almost at a point where i can rest a day or 2 its been a hard slog but ive added most of the lost stuff, and ive been through archives and added stuff i had forgotten about.
so once i have the DNS sorted and both the urls pointed corectly i will be happy, currently youthworker.org.uk is working but youthworker.org isnt pointing at the domain. grr.

please let me know if ive got errors or you are missing something. search will be back soon as i can, for some reason its not showing up.. drupal is being mean to me.

Youth work education

youth work education
Education and training is often overlooked especially in small organisations and churches.
If you have a youth worker you should really make sure they have access to good solid youth work education and training its is the fundamental pillar of our profession.
if you are you worker bring your training needs to your supervision /line management meeting and provide solutions even if you have a diploma or degree you can always use some more training.

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