Have each participant write down their name and an obscure fact about themselves that few people know about. These are then typed up on a sheet of paper, but with the names left blank.
Everyone is directed to pair off and an odd number is needed so there is one person left standing in the middle of the group.
Have the group sit in a circle. (Not recommended for groups over twenty people.) Each participant will introduce themselves by saying their name and a word using the first initial of their first name.
The object of Favorite Songs is to collect all of the songs that your group holds dear to them, for one reason or another, or that best represents them or the organization.
This is great for a group to get to know each other a little better!
All group members form a circle with one person left in the middle of the circle. The caller (the person in the middle) says, "Hi, my name is...!" Everyone else repeats the caller's name aloud, (Hi...).
Ice Breaker Activities- What is My Crazy Line? Purpose: Communication Group Size: 4+ (in pairs) Level: Basic What do you need for this Fun icebreaker activity? Sentences prepared ahead of time
hand tapping needs a group of people at least 4-6 a table. everyone sits around the table, place the hands on the table. palms down.
journaling is a really cool way for young people to learn, remember and build friendships. However many people don't like to write. These fun and unusual ideas will encourage them in telling their life stories.
By now you can see that the website is returning to normal.
youth work education Education and training is often overlooked especially in small organisations and churches.


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