In the Bag Purpose: To teach teens about their Christ-worth (as opposed to self-worth) Materials: Old and new magazines and newspapers Tape or glue stick Scissors Lunch size paper bags
You will need A4 paper, colour pens, pencils and an old trainer to draw round ( can be produced beforehand).
Have the teens in your group create their own T-shirt designs with simple paints, tie-die, or home-made iron on designs.
Encourage your teens to realize the physical needs of third world countries and the mission efforts there, by hosting a 24 hour famine.
Plaster of Paris, watercolor paints, and plaster molds can be purchased rather inexpensively at craft stores for this unique activity.
As you open this Sunday's meeting , you can get your kids to share their opinions.
For this icebreaker, you will need to break your teens into groups of no more than seven, but no less than four.
Give everyone in the group one paper clip, before the meeting begins.
On slips of paper, or 3x5 cards write the name of some famous person, or character. Tape the name on each group member's back (make sure they don't see the name).
Game Summary: Kids will use objects found in the room or in their possession to tell stories about themselves. Game Supplies: No supplies are required.
Game Summary: Teams will race to create lists of things that all the team members have in common. Game Supplies: You'll need paper and pencils.
: Props: M & M's, peanuts, a roll of toilet paper, Skittles or anything else with lots of pieces (choose one) and small cups.


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