Coaching and Accountability Edited and updated 30/1/2015 One of the best reasons for having a coach is so you have someone to whom you can be open and accountable to.
I wanted to write a basic intro to project planning but i found this which is super simple but gets the idea across very well.
i created this Video the day before the website went down and i lost all my content! so i'm just getting round to putting it up.
I wanted to say something about adverts and endorsements. some of you may have notices that youth work resources now has some adverts and also the shop page in the menu above.
78 Discussion starters, 1. Do you have a hero? Describe him or her. 2. Imagine a "best day ever." What kinds of things would you do?
Im almost at a point where i can rest a day or 2 its been a hard slog but ive added most of the lost stuff, and ive been through archives and added stuff i had forgotten about.
Education and training is often overlooked especially in small organisations and churches.
Depression is a very real issue for young people as well as adults and affects about 25% of the population and a about 1 in 10 young people age 10 - 16 have a diagnosable with a serious mental health...
Shield Collage what you will need: paper or card magazines assorted titles marker pens scissors glue
Trust Games blindfold trust
Go to the post office, pay for a stamp, and ask the postmaster to give it to the next person who comes to buy a single stamp. I've done this before and asked the next day what the reaction was.
Positive affirmations


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