Why i love the eink kindle

Dyslexia has been an ongoing issue and i'm often looking for ways and tools  to make life work better, one such tool is my ereader i am on my second kindle my first just gave up charging and is awaiting  it's new life as a potential new monitor for a coder who is trying to hack a e-ink display to use as a command line tool. (he's dyslexic too) my current one is the base model of kindle eink readers i didnt want a backlight or paperwhite display both make reading more difficult for me.


The E-ink model is great for me as the screen is slightly gray (not as good as my old kindle) which works as it's a good contrast. White just makes the letters jump about and misbehave.

I'm also in love with the font change ability it has. I use the OpenDyslexic font which is great and i recommend trying it it may take a while for me it took about 3 chapters and i wouldn't change it to any other on the e-reader you can change size, the line spacing and even page margins. All these elements make reading easier for me, and that's before the other great features


One such is the ability to email ebooks, pdf, doc and other formats directly to the kindle. It has it's own email address so it's a simple process attach the doc address it and send, no subject or content needed, just the attachment. You can even send web pages if you get the chrome extension (probably firefox too) i'm a chromebook fan so haven't tried Firefox for this


Over at adult dyslexia organisation website i wrote a longer post on why i love my kindle if i had a kobo eink i would love it too if it had buttons and not a touch screen i would be a convert. Eink is a great invention and for dyslexics who use tech is can be an amazing tool, especially as you can get (sometimes) android eink tablets. One day eink monitors will be with us so coders can work without the screen glare and writers would have an ideal canvas. Eink is what make the e-readers work so well the paperwhite and backlights do nothing to add to the reading experience but e-ink rules.


Open dylexia is available free and has a great chrome extention (Linux, windows, ios, and others available)

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