T-shirt designs

Have the teens in your group create their own T-shirt designs with simple paints, tie-die, or home-made iron on designs. T-shirts paints and tie-die material are easily purchased at your local craft story, but home-made iron on designs will take a little bit more preparation. To create home made T-shirts, you will need either a scanner, or digital camera, a computer with the appropriate software, an inkjet printer, and special T-shirt printing papers purchased from your local computer store. First, the teens design their own t-shirt design... A drawing, or multi-media design. This is scanned or photographed, and then printed on the special computer paper with the inkjet printer. The image on the paper can be ironed on to the t-shirt, and will create a youth group memory for your teens. Appropriate discussions would be: "Clothes In the Bible" or "What is God's feeling about Fashion?" or "Clothed In Righteousness".

Submitted by Skip Brown, Bear Lake Bible Chapel, Apopka, Florida