self image: In the Bag

In the Bag

Purpose: To teach teens about their Christ-worth (as opposed to self-worth)
Materials: Old and new magazines and newspapers
Tape or glue stick
Lunch size paper bags

Instruct each of the young people to think about how others view them, and how they see themselves.
On the outside of the bag, have them cut out words and pictures that show how others see them. Let them affix them to the bag for all to see.

On the inside of the bag, have them cut out words and pictures that show how they see themselves. These are placed inside the bag.

After about a fifteen minute time for making the bags, put everyone in an open circle, and start with someone who is friendly, or outgoing.
Going around the circle, let everyone show the outside of their bag, and tell why they think others think of them in the way they have represented. Then, they can share how they feel about themselves by showing the contents of their bag.

After everyone has shared "their bag" the leader can share passages from God's word, that show how much we are worth to Him... The fact that we are wondrously made, and the fact that He would send His Son to die for us, shows us that we are worth so much to Him.

Close the meeting with a prayer.

This can be an encouraging time for the teens, in realising that their worth to God is not based on outward or inward features or qualities. He loves us because He made us! And when one realises the extent of God's love, in sending His only Son, they can become a new creation in Christ.

For those who are not saved, it can be a time to receive and trust in Christ, and for those who are saved, it can be a time to renew and reaffirm their faith in Christ.

posted by, Skip Brown