Positive affirmations

Positive affirmations
Put names in a hat. Write the name of each group member (including the leader) on separate slips of paper, and place them in a hat. Ask each person to draw a name and share something he or she appreciates about that person. Instruct each group member to keep the slip of paper and pray for that person throughout the coming week.
Have your youth sign up in small groups of 3-4 and take turns inviting the groups into your home for a "home-cooked / sit-down" meal! Monday nights seem to work best because you can pick the group and remind them on Sunday. make an easy but hot meal like spaghetti, pot roast, casseroles, etc. with vegetables, bread and desert. (don't forget veggies or diabetics) We set the dining table properly and the young people love it when we eat by candlelight! It is really amazing how many families these days don't sit down and eat a hot meal, much less eat together, so this is a great time to not only spend some quality time with your youth but it is also a great way to open your home to them and remind them of prayer, forgotten manners and have good discussions in smaller groups! Your young people will love the attention and don't forget the CANDLES!

Get the whole youth group together for a period of about 45 minutes or so. Get something to pass around (we used to use a stuffed animal). Start with one person and have them think of something nice to say to someone in the group, then once they are finished it goes to that person. It'll start off slow, but then after awhile it starts going really well. End it once a lot of ideas have been used up or if they become tired. (Make sure that no one is left out. Perhaps have everyone's name on a slip of paper and hand them out).

Include a "Did You Know..." section in your youth newsletter with affirming tidbits about various members of your group.
Send a birthday card to each young person. (don't forget them when they are away or leave)
Mail affirming letters each week to several young people.
Attend sports events, plays, etc., where your youth are participating.
Have lunch with one or more youth at their school / college as often as you can.
Put together a youth group directory, where each youth is featured with interests, hobbies, etc.
E-mail members of your group who are on-line. (especially when they go to uni/college)
Visit everyone in their homes whenever you can.
Stop by each youth's place of employment whenever possible/appropriate.
Have fellowships at your home.
Spotlight a particular youth group member in your newsletter.
Publicly affirm your youth group (as a whole and When a group member leaves or graduates, create a musical slide/video show using old pictures and videos.
Cut out, laminate, and display youth group members who make the newspaper.
make a picture wall of events and fun times you have with the group
Spend plenty of informal time with your youth group to talk to them as people net members
Take youth with you when you go visit un-churched youth -- let them see you minister.
Have a large bucket of sweets or chocolate in your office so youth will have an excuse to come in and see you.
Invite them to submit ideas for events, or activities.
Make time for your young people. If one of your youth is struggling, take them out for lunch.
Make yourself available to listen. They'll feel special knowing they are special to you.
Ask the young people for their help often, it will make them feel valued and part of the team