Plaster Party

Plaster of Paris, watercolor paints, and plaster molds can be purchased rather inexpensively at craft stores for this unique activity. Encourage your youth group to get creative, by hosting a Plaster Party at your youth club, church, or weekend camp. You can advertise the event with posters that say "Get Plastered!" and possibly charge a small admission to help cover the costs.

Teens will design and paint their own plaster molds, and you can encourage creativity with 'best looking', 'most colorful', 'most retro-design', 'worst eye-sore design', etc. awards....
you can even get them to make molded items for other uses, like a chess set, or monopoly bits for a giant game. Gnomes for fundraising, or better still for secretly giving them away in the community, planting them in gardens or parks, take photos and post in the community

A faith idea would be.
A good spiritual discussion would be "Created In God's Image: What does it mean?" or "You Are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made" or "Designed For Good Works In Christ"

Submitted by Skip Brown, Bear Lake Bible Chapel, Apopka, Florida