Do You Love Your Neighbor?

All group members form a circle with one person left in the middle of the circle. The caller (the person in the middle) says, "Hi, my name is...!" Everyone else repeats the caller's name aloud, (Hi...). Then the caller goes up to another member in the circle and asks the person their name. The person tells the caller their name, then the caller asks the person if he/she loves his/her neighbors (the two people on either side). If the person loves his/her neighbors, then he/she says, "Yes, I love my neighbors, but I don't like people who are wearing tennis shoes. (The person can name any type of characteristic they want for example, people who have brown eyes, people who are freshman, people who own their own cars, etc.) Then everyone whom the characteristic pertains to must move to a different spot in the circle at least two places away from their original spot. The caller's object is to get into someone else's spot so someone else is left in the middle. If the person does not love his/her neighbor then the person will say, "No, I don't love my neighbors" and then the two people on either side of this person have to change places before the caller gets in their spot. The person left in the middle in either situation is the new caller and the game continues. This will need to be done in a large area or outside. You need to keep your circle tight, shoulder to shoulder, so you can see where your empty spaces are, some groups will use chairs. Have fun!!