Depression and young people

Depression is a very real issue for young people as well as adults and affects about 25% of the population and a about 1 in 10 young people age 10 - 16 have a diagnosable with a serious mental health condition
youngminds say nearly 80,000 children and young people suffer from severe depression so its not just you and there is help available.

young minds have published a bunch of great resources to get you started, but one step however difficult is to tell someone about how you feel and what is going on for you. this link takes you to the Young people section of the site young minds help sheets on depression, there are other resources so if its not depression but another illness its OK there is help for you too.

Youthworkers can get a lot of materials from young minds and other organisations who specialise in these areas rethink, Mind, time to change all have excellent sections and information which will help you help your young people find support. do not forget to find support yourself as working with mental illness is very difficult.

You will as a Youth Worker come across young people with a mental health issue at some point do not doubt this and more likely than not one of your fellow workers will be suffering, so get clued up on the facts, push for training and check out online to see what you can learn.time for change provide this great resource for professional youth workers, thats YOU even if you just do one session. they also have material to help those who work in sports and youth work in the church

So young person or youth worker, ask for help, get the information and get on with life, with a little help from your friends. and remember there is a life after or with mental health issues. Being ill doesn't mean you can not live, or partake, it just means you may need to be on the look out for your warning signs, or go to therapy or CBT maybe medication. we are all individual and need to make sure while we partake in what life has to offer, to look out for our own mental health signs and act accordingly. plan ahead make sure you have someone you can talk to. youth workers are great at being that person, its what they do. even those who suffer themselves.

check out this article about a young man who is also an mental health activist
time to change
the Mental health foundation
Place2be UK schools based mental health support

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