24 hour famine

Encourage your teens to realize the physical needs of third world countries and the mission efforts there, by hosting a 24 hour famine.
The teens contract not to eat any food (or gum, or candy) for a 24 hour period, during which they have a chance to think about World relief efforts. You may want to begin the effort as a youth group overnighter, beginning at 6:00 p.m. on Friday, and concluding at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday. During the retreat, you should show presentations about Christian mission efforts on the foreign field, missionary movies of a biographical nature, and include games that remind the teens about how fortunate we are, and how big the need for mission efforts. Encourage the teens to be involved with your church's mission board, or to plan on attending a mission trip

submitted by Skip Brown, Bear Lake Bible Chapel, Apopka, Florida

24 Hour Famine PLUS

A great activity to add to the 24 Hour Famine that makes it hit home even more is to have your group scrounge through the dumpster to find cardboard boxes, plastic, tarps, whatever to build shelters. Have the group construct the shelter in an unheated breezeway or outdoors. Hold group activities in the shelter or spend the entire night in the shelter. It really adds to the experience, and its a better lesson than playing volleyball all night long.

submitted by Barb Huff, YMCA of Central Stark County, Canton OH/First Church of the Nazarene, New Philadelphia OH