17 Random Acts of Kindness

  1. Go to the post office, pay for a stamp, and ask the postmaster to give it to the next person who comes to buy a single stamp. I've done this before and asked the next day what the reaction was. Sometimes it has made someone's day. Other times the person then pays for another stamp and leaves it for the next person. ( a stamp is something you put on a card on which you have written a sms and then you write the street address of the person and put it in a post box, 3-5 days later they get the "post card" try it for yourself ;) )
  2. At your next bazaar, carnival or stall at a fair have a big bowl of fresh water for any dogs who may be walking their owners that day. (The owners will appreciate the thought too!)
  3. Get your youth group together and bake heart shaped cookies and then we delivered a dozen cookies each to each person over 80 in your church with a nice Valentine card. This can be done anytime.
  4. When you are next in the grocery store, petrol station, or other shop, buy the cashier a pop or chocolate bar. You'll shock em, especially during very busy hours.
  5. Next time you are at a coffee morning or some fund raiser and you see a cake stall or some other stall buy something and pay extra for it, or if you are dieting hand over the money and tell the person behind the stall to keep the product.
  6. If you know someone going through a hard time, secretly give him or her a flower or encouraging note or even some chocolate.
  7. Buy or make your brother or sister a treat. They can often get overlooked in our acts of kindness.
  8. Spend a Saturday morning at your local Rest Area or car park. Bring along glass cleaner and lots of paper towels and ask motorists if you could clean their windshields while they are stopped. Most will ask why you are doing it, so explain by saying, "It is a way for us to express God's love for you," and perhaps give them a tract or some kind of remembrance.
  9. Pack some extra cold drinks on your next car ride and stop and offer them to any working road crews.
  10. Adopt a local elderly neighbour. Mow the yard. Do some housework. Spend some time in conversation. Check on him/her regularly.
  11. Write thank you notes to some or all of your schoolteachers, expressing your appreciation for the time they gave to your education. Think of some other people you can thank for something
  12. Make dinner for Mum and/or Dad during the summer and have it ready when they get home. (Summer time you can make a nice salad)
  13. Call the supermarket checkout operator and packer by name (they usually wear name tags) and thank and/or tip them for their help. (This works in libraries and other places too)
  14. If your group eats out all together, have everyone leave their area spotless. Then, over tip the waiter/waitress.
  15. The next time your church bus/van/caravan has to pay a toll or parking fee, pay for the vehicle behind you. The recipients will be surprised to see teens giving money.
  16. If your group is on a trip and sees someone holding a sign that reads, "Will Work for Food" or something similar, collect all your spare change and give him/her a bundle. Don't judge this person or assume that the money will go toward something other than food -- just assume the best and give hilariously.
  17. Garden service
    This is a relatively simple service orientated project.
    The basic idea is that you gather people together and go gardening.
    Many people in your community will be unable to attend to there own gardens due to old age, health, or even just time restraints. So why not get together and help people out.
    You will need some basic equipment. Gloves old clothes and lots of enthusiasm