10 fundraising tips for youth work

  1. Plan the entire year's worth of fundraisers in advance. Make estimates as to how much money you will need to generate so that you can adequately plan your year do not forget to include admin costs.
  2. Planning and communication are key in good fundraising. make sure everyone knows what and when things are happening. use a tool like Trello to plan.
  3. Less is more. 4 really solid fundraisers each year will be more effective than a bunch of small goal fundraisers. Stick with Ideas that will generate a good amount of income, stay away from bake sales, or tombolas. They usually have a pitiful profit margin and are more work and hassle than they are worth
  4. Give people in your organisation and community a legitimate benefit from giving toward your cause. Try to make your fundraisers something that people walk away with something (auction, car washes, dinner theatre, and other events like that).
  5. Keep good records of every donation, even if it's just attending a bbq. write a personal thank you card to each donor. get your young people to write telling them how the money was used thanking them for helping make it happen. This will do wonders for your future fundraisers.
  6. with their permission, add the peoples names and emails to your database and send them a newsletter (with unsubscribe info)
  7. Create a designated account that all fundraising support will go into and then allocate money from that account for specific needs during the year. make sure you ring fence any funds raised for a specific project
  8. Maintain integrity when dealing with money. Always have at least two people present when money is collected, counted, and deposited.
  9. Make sure you have young people represented in every stage of your plan and not as a token! get them really involved and watch them shine.
  10. Try and find funders who will support your core work for a number of years, even if its a small amount each month, regular donors help maintain longevity of projects being able to plan creates stability of the core projects. Fundraisers help pay for the event projects. Core youth work is all the stuff you need to pay for on a regular basis before you put on events and trips