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youth workers need fallback to fill in when something doesn't work out maybe you expected a session to last longer, or someone didn't show or is running late. here are a few fillers that are great fun. always have a pack of Uno if i'm doing a trip or a session just in-case and its was always out at the open youth clubs.

What are your go to games? let us know in the comments below.
Who's in the Bag
Who's in the Bag is an incredibly popular game that test your skills at verbal charades. The object of the game is for each team, in turn to identify as many famous characters on the cards as possible in a race against the clock. Everything you need is in the bag including a timer and blanks to create your own special characters. If the team guess the identity of the character correctly they keep the card and draw another from the bag.

10 fundraising tips for youth work

  1. Plan the entire year's worth of fundraisers in advance. Make estimates as to how much money you will need to generate so that you can adequately plan your year do not forget to include admin costs.
  2. Planning and communication are key in good fundraising. make sure everyone knows what and when things are happening. use a tool like Trello to plan.
  3. Less is more. 4 really solid fundraisers each year will be more effective than a bunch of small goal fundraisers. Stick with Ideas that will generate a good amount of income, stay away from bake sales, or tombolas. They usually have a pitiful profit margin and are more work and hassle than they are worth

Photo Scavanger Hunts

I'm a big fan of Scavenger hunts so here is another, best played in the summer when you have a good amount of time
photo hunt
you will need teams (each team should have an adult)
A smart phone and a social sharing account like instagram
maybe a map with 4 zones each team must make a find in each zone
or you have to stick to your zone
send out the teams to snap pics of stuff!

Get the teams to upload each pic to the photo sharing site, tag it with team name and the designation (number, a-z colour etc)

Mental Health activist talks about depression

“If someone in your life suffers from depression, you need to watch this video. If you don't think anyone in your life suffers from depression, you need to watch this video -- because you may not realize it if they do.” — Huffington Post

As a youth worker and former housing worker i have come across so many people with depression some of whom didn't know they were, or at least didn't have a name for it. i came across this video and just needed to share it with everyone. i hope if you or someone you know see this and find something useful.

get involved with YWR

Youth Work Resources has always been about youth workers, we try hard to involve people and get them to contribute here is how

Guest Blog -Write a blog post: we are always looking for interesting articles on youth work related issues, it may be a top 10 list, or something about detached work. just write something and send it to us its easy.
Copy blogger, a regular blog on YWR freedom to write about whatever interests you in the world of youth work

Ted and Do inspired talks

I love TED its not a secret i've loved TED ever since i first discovered it it was love at first sight! you know what TED is yeah? no? boy do you have a treat in store for you. i'm guessing you don't know about DO Lectures either? i'm genuinely excited for you. right now i'm noshing on toast listening to a young lad called Logan LaPlante on ted and typing this, all with a huge Grin as i'm stoked to introduce some of you to the wonders of TED and DO.

fundraising issues

Fundraising for charities and clubs is a nightmare, we all know it and if you ever had a boss who insisted you fund raise your post you know how stressful it can be especially if you're not a trained fundraiser.

Coaching and Accountability

Coaching and Accountability
Edited and updated 30/1/2015
One of the best reasons for having a coach is so you have someone to whom you can be open and accountable to.
Your coach will hold you to account about the things you agree, the accountability contract is yours, not your bosses, not a company or some external person, not even your coach's but yours.
When you say you will do something your coach will follow up and ask you did you do it?, how was it? Or why didnt you do it? Whats going on that stopped you?

Basic Project Planning 101

I wanted to write a basic intro to project planning but i found this which is super simple but gets the idea across very well.

Basic Project Plan from

to develop a simple project plan you need a list of the tasks that need to be done , and understanding of the relationships between the tasks, and to know the priority of each task.

Planning projects: tools Trello

i created this Video the day before the website went down and i lost all my content! so i'm just getting round to putting it up.

Its a planning video, how to use as a planning tool, for sessions, trips, house party's, anything you are planning. also you can invite others to its a team planning tool too! get it here my referral link i get a free month of gold user!
trello is free, but upgrading gets you some other features.

Discussion Starters

78 Discussion starters,
1. Do you have a hero? Describe him or her.
2. Imagine a "best day ever." What kinds of things would you do?
3. If you could choose a vacation spot anywhere in the world, where would it be, and why?
4. What's your favourite TV show? What do you like best about it?
5. What's your favourite movie? What do you like best about it?
6. Who's your favourite music artist or group? What makes you gravitate to him/her/them?
7. What's your favourite time of year–winter, spring, summer, or fall? Why?

nearly there

Im almost at a point where i can rest a day or 2 its been a hard slog but ive added most of the lost stuff, and ive been through archives and added stuff i had forgotten about.
so once i have the DNS sorted and both the urls pointed corectly i will be happy, currently is working but isnt pointing at the domain. grr.

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youth work education

Education and training is often overlooked especially in small organisations and churches.
If you have a youth worker you should really make sure they have access to good solid youth work education and training its is the fundamental pillar of our profession.
if you are you worker bring your training needs to your supervision /line management meeting and provide solutions even if you have a diploma or degree you can always use some more training.


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